Zip Pulls

Real Leather Zip Pull, zipper puller. Handmade, bespoke. 

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Suitable for auto-lock and non-lock sliders.

‘Sizes & Shapes’ –

Open or Closed version’

With or without matching Rivet’

Fitting Instructions:
You can install the new pull using the split ring attached to it. Just treat the hole on the slider like the hole on a key and the ring like the key holder. So put  one end of the split ring in to the slider and revolve the ring just like you’d do with a key. 

The default colour is Black, so if you don’t specify colour, we will send you a black leather pull. The most common colours are below. So drop us a line and tell us which colour you’d like.

Black (thick leather)

Black (shiny)

Black (matt)

Wine Red

White with pattern

Brown (chocolate)

Brown (medium)

Brown (light, orangey)

Brown (dark, reddish)

Red (classic)

Light Mustard


Green (dark)

Electric Blue


Please have a look below if you are unclear about the words used in this text

Auto-lock sliders are found on jackets & boots mainly. They lock when not pulled up so they don’t slip down.
Non-locking sliders are found on bags, suitcases etc. where there is no danger of the slider moving on its own.
Slider (or runner):  the moving part of the zip that zips and un-zips eg. a jacket.

Pull (or puller): the tab we grab in order to move the slider and zip up or down.

Ring (or split ring):


OR talk to us about what kind of pull you have in mind and we might be able to make it for you.