If you are here there two possibilities:
1. You have got our precious ‘Zip Oil’ and you are looking for ‘Instructions of Use’, or
2. You just discovered something that will save you a lot of bucks, even if you pay in Pounds. Lubricant for your precious zips, the exact one that we, as ZipExperts, use.
At the moment the sole supplier of ‘Zip Oil’ is the ZipExperts located in London, UK.

– Please read the instructions below –

1. Lubricate your zip regularly.
2. How to use the oil:
Clean the zip before lubrication. You can also brush it on top of the zip chain.
3. How to apply the oil:
Common zips: zip up and lubricate the zip by applying drops of oil an inch apart.
Waterproof zips: unzip and lubricate one side from the inside.
4. In both of the above cases, zip up and down so that the oil spreads evenly.
5. Wipe off any excess oil.

Types of zips covered:

  • Waterproof zips
  • Polyester zips (plastic coil)
  • Resin zips (plastic individual teeth)
  • Metal teeth zips