Zips don’t need vitamins for their wellbeing. But they do need some TLC (Tender Love & Care).

— Here’s what to do —

  1. The biggest no no is Superglue. Never apply it on a zip.
  2. Do Not zip up and down very abruptly.
  3. The slower the movement the longer the zip will last.
  4. Keep it away from the reach of animals.
  5. If you cannot do the above just make sure that:
    – there is no food in zipped pockets,  – the pockets are zipped up at all times.
  6. Don’t keep zips in dump places for too long. The zips get corroded and stuck. If they do, we can repair them without changing the whole zip.
  7. If you use zips in the sea, just wash them under the tap after use.
  8. If the zip shows signs of unhealthy behaviour the Zip Experts can service it. Take it for repair before it gets worse and deemed ‘beyond repair’.
  9. You have to be aware that many zips e.g. on suitcases, instrument cases etc., are not replaceable so we can only repair the existing zips.
  10. Some jackets are made of sensitive material or are so complicated that many repair people will not take the risk and replace the zip. The zip will have to be repaired.
  11. Feed them from time to time. Us, the Zip Experts, we are selling a Zip Oil that we use ourselves to lubricate the zips after repair. That comes in two versions (see our website for more details If you lubricate the zips you facilitate the mechanical movement that they do in order for the two sides to interlock (mesh).
  12. If you lose metal teeth of your zip, hold on to the teeth, we can usually reposition them.
  13. If you see that the metal teeth on you zip move and the distance between them is getting messed up, don’t panic and don’t delay. Bring the item to the Zip Experts so they can straighten and stabilize them. After that the moving part (slider) will flow better.
  14. If a series of teeth (coil) is detached from the fabric of the zip (tape), we can re-attach them even if they are a bit stretched. If the coil though is broken (cut), we can still make it work but not 100%.

Last but not least, if you have a zip issue, visit our website, have a look around to see if the problem is there and solved. You can also click our ‘Prices’ tab and get an idea of price based on previous repairs. Or just email us couple of pictures for a quote.

In brief, keep your cool, don’t throw the item away, ask us for advice and chances are all will be good again.