Terms & Conditions

By leaving an item with us for repair or sending it, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions below.

All repairs are subject to a non-refundable £10 assessment fee which is included in the final price. For zip change on expensive items the deposit is 30-50% of the final price. We do the repairs to the best of our ability using our long experience as a guide, but you have to bear in mind that it is a repair after all and this is the reason you are here. The item cannot be new again.

Late collection:  Uncollected items will be put in storage after one week of the agreed collection time and will be charged £5 per week. If still uncollected after 1 month, items will go to charity or sold to recover the cost of the repair.
Unpaid items cannot be released for collection or dispatched to the owner.

Missed Appointments: For re-scheduling Missed Appointment without prior cancelation (24 hours), we need an assessment fee of £15 which will be deducted from the final price.

Rude and improper communication will not be tolerated. We always try to do our best to help and accommodate the needs of our customers but the rules of conduct have to be respected.

  • Sending items back after repair.
  • Return postage is paid by the customer. We are willing to arrange the return of an item providing that the item is not heavy (over 5kg) or bulky and difficult to carry. We dispatch items on Fridays.
  • Items that turn back or the address is not found on the Royal Mail list, are the customers responsibility to collect. Or collection from our shop can be arranged by the customer.
  • If we do the return procedure, our responsibility extends to the point that we take the item to the courier and get the receipt from them. Any lost items will have to be chased by the customer.
  • Dirty items (as riding boots, lawnmower bags, tool bags etc.) will not be repaired, so please clean the item before sending. In some cases we will have to charge for the cleaning of the item before repair.
  • In cases of URGENT repair, this will have to be written on the outside of the package and we will fix the item as quickly as possible. An extra £5 will be charged and the return will have to be arranged by the customer.
  • We use Royal Mail, sign for, service unless differently requested by the customer. We can always increase the amount after customer’s request.
  • Postage expenses can under any circumstances be refunded.
  • If an item gets lost, the owner of the item will have to chase the compensation with the shipping company.
  • If the item turns back to us and providing it is not our fault, the customer will have to arrange collection from our business address.
  • The return address can be on the cover letter (in the package) or emailed to us.
  • If the customer requires a particular way of returning the item after repair, that can be arranged after request.
  • Sending an item and collecting or paying its return postage, is the customer’s responsibility.

We back our repairs for 3 months. Within that time if you have a problem with the repair you bring it to us and we’ll have another go. We reserve the right to try the repair again. The condition is that the problem is the one we tried to fix originally and that the item has not been misused.

Sorry we cannot be liable for:

  • damage during unpacking on items not packed in a box,
  • items that will not withstand the repair process due to wear and tear (age),
  • cleaning and stretching shoes of all kinds,
  • some visible side effects due to the repair,
  • the whole item, if a part of it has been damaged in the repair process, unless it deems the item unusable,
  • any repair, if the owner has been informed about the risks and decided to proceed,
  • return address issues. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply us with the right return address for repaired items.

—– . —–

  • Also, when spare parts are needed, the one that fits will be used. If the colour cannot be matched, any colour or shape will be used as long as it solves the problem and the item becomes functional again. We will contact you and explain the situation prior to the repair.
  • If you would like a particular part installed on an item, you will have to supply the part.
  • We also recommend that if you bring expensive items to us for repair, they should be insured by you.
  • Please note that any work we do on items brought to us, will be charged a minimum of £10, whether the repair is successful or not (Assessment Fee).

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without notice. New Terms & Conditions will be made available in our shop and on our web site.

We also reserve the right to try a repair for second time (free of charge) if the first time was not as successful as expected. This applies only if the repaired item was not abused.

If you find our work not to be to your satisfaction, you can bring the item back to our store. We can undo what we have done, providing that it is possible, and give you a refund on the cost of the repair minus £10 which is the Assessment Fee and the postage expenses.