Zip pull made from Louis Vuitton scraps. Handmade, bespoke

‘Sizes & Shapes’
Suitable for auto-lock and non-lock sliders

– SOLD on Ebay, item number: 394374592791 or click HERE to go to Ebay item –

Or you can get the Open Version, in case the ring and the rest of the zip slider is still there & functional.

—————Fitting Instructions—————

Closed: You can install the new pull using the split ring attached to it. Just treat the hole on the slider like the hole on a key and the ring like the key holder. So put one end of the split ring into the slider and revolve the ring just like you’d do with a key.  
Open: 1 – Place the pull under the grill with the glued surface facing the grill.
2 – Let it warm up for 1-2 minutes, so that the glue gets re-activated.
3 – Fold it so it can go through the loop on the zip slider, avoid meeting any glued surfaces as they are ready to bond.
4 – When you are happy with the position of the pull put the 2 warm sides together and press by hand. You will not be able to pull them apart so please be careful with the positioning before bonding.
5 – Leave it for at least one hour before use.

SOLD on Ebay, item number: 394374592791 or click HERE to go to Ebay item –