————————– ‘Zip Maintenance & Check-up’ —————————

Our experience has led us to introducing a new Service called ‘Zip Maintenance & Check-up’. This is a life saver or at least a ZIP saver.

Both of the above procedures are extremely important. We highly recommend this service as it is inexpensive and it will prolong the life span of your zip. It is like a Blood Check, you will get to know what is wrong or it will go wrong soon, with your zips.

A ‘zip problem’ can lead to an expensive repair or deem ‘beyond repair’ your favourite bag/suitcase/golf-bag/jacket etc. And most importantly, this way you can keep your original zip, which will preserve the value of the bag or garment.

Prices start from £14 for a zip up to 12 inches long and it includes: lubrication, straightening of any crooked teeth and basic reconditioning of the slider/runner. The ‘check-up’ will also tell us if there are any issues that have to be addressed, before it is too late.

The big advantage with our ‘maintenance’ service is the ‘zip check-up’ which will reveal any underlying problems.

So at the end of it you will get this card:

——– We are the ‘Zip Experts’, your zip is our business ——–