“ZIP PROBLEM” finder


Click on the ‘Zip Problem Finder’ icon to find a match to your zip issue and get an approximate repair cost.

Please note:

  1.  We usually mend the zips and only replace 5% of the zips we get.
  2.  If the zip teeth are alright we can mend all other issues.
  3.  Refer to the ‘Price Class’ at the end of the ‘Finder’ table to get an idea of the cost.
  4.  Price includes zip ‘lubrication’.
  5.  See the basic ‘Zip Terms below for a better understanding.

‘Zip Terms’ explained

zip or zipper: a series of teeth that interlock and separate as we move the moving part up or down

slider or runner: the moving part of the zip

pull or puller: the top part of the runner that we catch and pull

zip coil: the series of teeth that form a plastic coil, applies to polyester zips only

zip teeth: metal or resin (plastic) teeth chain

stopper: small metal (or plastic) bits that terminate the slider movement

material (cloth): the teeth or zip coil are attached to

open-ended zip: usually found on jackets, you have to join the two sides before you can zip up

insert pin: the metal pin (or plastic) at the lower end of a jacket zip (found on open-ended zips)

insertion box: the metal small box (or plastic) at the lower end of a jacket zip, where the insert pin goes in to before zipping up (found on open-ended zips)

double-ended OR 2-way open-ended zip: a second slider here plays the role of the insertion box. The advantage is that you can un-zip from the lower end of the zip if you want.