LUGGAGE repair prices

We can usually mend and fully restore zips on luggage as you see on our website, providing you haven’t put any glue there.
The zip service generally includes:
_un-jamming slider, if needed,
_putting slider back on track, if needed,
_installing new slider or reconditioning existing, if needed,
_checking zip chain,
_re-attaching the zip coil on to the fabric (up to 1 inch) if needed,
_treating teeth where there is signs of wear,
_lubricating the zip.
This is a zip maintenance in effect which will solve the problems and prolong its life.

We also do general repairs on Suitcases eg. wheels, handles, stitches, tears etc

You can bring it or post it to us, the address is on the website:  As for courier recommendations, we recommend the Royal Mail, through for the best price that we have found for bulky items.
If you come from far, in some cases we can do the repair within 1-1.5 hour, while you are having a coffee nearby.  Please make an appointment with us before you come though.

If the repair is ‘multiple‘ or ‘complicated‘ we will give you a detailed quote before starting the repair.

Below, you can see samples of our work with prices:

Kind of RepairDate of RepairCost of Repair (£)Click to see pictures
SAMSONITE zip sliders repairedFeb’1750
LOUIS VUITTON bag zip repairJun’2060
DIPLOMAT case zip repairSep’2150
Leather Holdall zip replacementNov’2090
Other Luggage Problems
MONT BLANC suitcase handle repairNov’1745
SAMSONITE Hinge repairSep’1818
LOUIS Vuitton suitcase 2x wheel re-rubberingMay’1960
DELSEY suitcase – telescopic handle fixedJun’1638
New handle on travel bagApr’1648
WHEEL axle replacementDec’2018
ANTLER inside divider repairFeb’2125 
CORRIGA suitcase wheel replacementOct’182 x 30
LOUIS VUITTON zip pull repairedNov’1818