About us

Opening hours
Mon:   9.30 -  3.00 -- half day --
Tues:  9.30 -  5.00
Wed:  9.30 -  5.00
Thur:  9.30 -  5.00
Fri:     9.30 -  5.00
Sat:   10.00 - 3.00
Sun:   - CLOSED -

Our shop: 

Hi. We repair bags, luggage and leather goods. We call ourselves Zip Experts because we do something unique: We Fix Zips, so there is no need to replace them. We fix around 90% of the broken zips we get. Replacing a Zip can be costly and in some cases impossible as some zips are part of the design and might be impossible to find a match. Our shop is located in the outskirts of London. More specifically in Cockfosters, which is in North London and it is the end of the Piccadilly line.

The Service: 

We have come to realize that what we offer as a standard service – Fixing Zips – is in fact a highly sought after service. So we Fix Zips on all kinds of bags and pieces of luggage as well as on clothes, sent to us from all over the UK. Postage is not a big problem anymore as prices are getting lower every day. Payment can be made by phone or Paypal once the item is ready to be returned to you. 


The amazing thing is that we don’t try to take advantage of someone’s need, so our prices are rather low considering that we operate in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

If you decide to send us the item see below

Shipment - Market research

We understand how precious your time is. So we have done some market research for you. We encourage you to dig even deeper though especially if your item is an expensive piece. 




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