This is a custom service, so compiling a price list is almost impossible. But we will give you some prices of common problems and this will give you an idea.

We must say that if a fix is not possible we will have to replace the zip BUT that only happens to the 10% of the cases.   Zip replacement on a boot is around £30, which is the best price around with a 'price guarantee' given. ALL zips that we fix or replace get a ‘FREE Lubrication’ as standard as we consider lubrication absolutely essential. 



    Price  ( £ )

Zip does not stay closed


jacket=15 , boot=15, on bag=15-17  suitcase=16-18 (because of size of runner)

Zip is stuck and the runner just won’t move


15 - 20

One of the sides of the zip has come out of the runner


boot=15, on bag=15-17  suitcase=16-18 , jacket=15-18

Teeth detached from the cloth on a coil zip


10 - 12

End part of the open ended zip on a jacket is broken or worn (retainer box or insertion pin)


15 – 20 depending on the problem (common pin size). We can add missing retainer box or insertion pin, rebuilding the cloth around it etc. Changing a jacket zip is very hard, so fixing the existing one is the way.

Teeth are missing on a metal zip

yes (one or two teeth)

But in some cases we can find some remedies depending on the location of the missing teeth. Please send us a picture.